Preschool Serving Orange, CT

Your child is growing up . . . and getting curious about the world around them! Before long, they’ll be ready for school. Make sure they’re prepared and ready to learn with a high-quality preschool education from Milford Co-Operative Preschool Learning Center. We accept students from surrounding communities including Orange, CT.

Milford Co-Operative Preschool Learning Center has had its roots in the community since 1954. With so many years of experience, we know how to engage children in learning and prepare them for elementary school. Trust us to handle your child’s early childhood education and inspire them to have a lifelong love of learning.

Learn About Our Programs

We offer preschool programs for three-year-olds and four-year-olds in a nurturing, comfortable environment where we encourage children to learn and grow at their own pace. Children learn best when parents engage with their development, which is why we pride ourselves on our family-friendly approach and welcome parents to get involved in their child’s first steps in education.

At The Milford Co-Operative Preschool Learning Center, children learn through play-based lessons and developmentally appropriate activities. This means that your child can learn and flourish in an environment that welcomes and encourages curiosity!

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